First ML Hackathon brought to you by team and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute and NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute  (DLI) Presents: [Hackathon] Recurrent Neural Hacks!

This idea has been percolating for quite a while in our minds, and it's finally live! We are hosting our first ML hackathon "Recurrent Neural Hacks"

As you all know, we've been doing (and will continue to do) AI Meetup Series where we bring together the industry leaders and technologists, and now we think we are ready to move forward and build things with the community.


Day 1

8:30    - Open Doors
9:50    - Opening Talk and Welcome Note
10:00  - Coding Starts!
10:00  - DIGITS demo, by NVIDIA
10:30  - RNN Hands on lab with Torch by NVIDIA
12:00*- Lunch
13:00  - Tensor Flow Workshop
13:00*- Snacks
14:00  - neon Workshop by Nervana
15:00  - Pandas Data Exploration Workshop
16:00  - Scikit-learn Workshop
17:00* - Snacks
19:00* - Dinner

Day 2

3:00am* - Snacks
8:00am* - Breakfast
10:00 - Coding Stops! Submissions due
10:10 - Pitch session starts
12:20 - Third and second place announcement
12:30 - New GTX card announcement, the winner of the hackathon announcement
13:00 - Networking


We are excited to announce prizes provided by NVIDIA

  • 1st Prize  The Mystery Jen-Hsun GTX!
  • 2nd Prize NVIDIA Shield Android TV
  • 3rd Prize  NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Partner Workshops 

Nervana Systems brings us the workshop on their framework neon, presented by Anil Thomas. Anil Thomas is a Kaggle champion (top rank #2) where he has applied his machine learning expertise to enterprise datasets, achieving near human-level performance in some cases. He brings with him two decades of experience in the software industry. As a hands-on data scientist, he has experience building predictive models for business applications such as customer retention and demand forecasting. He is passionate about working with data, sourced from disparate domains 

NVIDIA brings us 2 workshops: demo of DIGITS (15 min) and RNN Hands on lab (90min) - built in python, pulls cloud instanceChainer, Torch, brought by Leo Tam.

Leo Tam serves as the Deep Learning (DL) Solution Architect and Community Manager within the NVIDIA World Wide Solution Architecture Organization. Leo engages with DL developers, researchers, and startups as the content curator of the Deep Learning Institute. The DLI team works closely with NVIDIA Corporate Marketing, including social media marketing, industry business development teams, and NVIDIA engineering teams to create and deploy messaging, assets, tools, and experiences,for DL Developers in various communities. They are the voice of Deep Learning Developers within NVIDIA providing detailed community feedback and research.

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Sarah Guo

Sarah Guo
Investor, Greylock partners

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Using ML/DL for new use cases