One of the goals for this hackathon is to learn and showcase the advancements of AI/ML/DL technologies. So all the projects have to use some sort of ML frameworks/libraries applied to new use cases. No one wants to see another tinder-like app.


All teams retain full ownership of what they have created during the hackathon.

Team Size

We are having max. of 20 teams total. Teams of up to 5 people are allowed.


A fresh code is required for Recurrent Neural Hackathon. Of course, using 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, and frameworks is totally allowed.


We are having 2 rounds of pitch sessions:

1) Qualification sessions: We will compose small batches of 4-5 teams to choose the semi-finalist to present of the Finals 

2) Finals: Teams that have passed qualification sessions will present their project in the final session.

No pitch deck is required. Showcase what you have done, and tell us the story

Have great mood and having fun is essential qualification criteria!